How to set up the large aquarium, aquascape it and plant it.



Today, we're scaping the 375 Gallon Aquarium We don't have a lot of time to talk if you guys watch last Sunday's video It's the same day and we got a lot to do and get done So I'm just going to jump right into it But if you didn't watch the Sunday video make sure you do because it's going to explain an awful lot about what we have going on here as mentioned though I'm starting off with The scape going from this side all the way down right now I have to build a little area to plant some val into I Don't need anything specific here. I'm not even really grabbing at Pacific pieces, so there's no thought process going into this I just need something to hold all this back that looks natural nice Rocks here do the trick And that's pretty much what I'm looking to do. Which is the natural barrier You'll see in a minute what I'm looking at to accomplish here but I need something that can hold a lot of the substrates behind it and Because the zal is actually pretty deep-rooted so most of this is going to be covered And then I'm going to cover it in another silve in another substrate, so let's go ahead and do that now. I Should do it now. I want a Ever so lightly Er of this gravel over top of it I? Do like the a da soil I do not like the look of it there This will actually be easier to plant the eval in anyway Feel like I'm making a cake Yeah, so that would that looks definitely a lot better than just the soil A few of the little rocks making it look a lot natural as well plus. It gives me a couple of inches You know upwards of like three or so inches of soil back here in the back of the tank elevates the vowel a little bit more so we get that effect where it's you know coming across the top of the tank but Yeah, I think it looks good like this We're just getting started though now. We can move on to the stand I'll probably end up using a boat. What are these 40 pounds this 50 pound bags I might use I know I'm going to use at least a hundred pounds I might end up using even more but we're going to see Now this is a fine sand so we don't want to use a tremendous amount I'm looking for a half inch to an inch in most cases however up here It will slope down a little bit But that's just for aesthetics too thick of a too deep of a sand bag can eventually cause some problems And we certainly don't want that. This is an aerobic issues maintenance things so I'm not a very delicate aquascape as you can tell I'm Literally, just dumping everything out of the bag. I don't care we can smooth it out later. I Don't even know how that's going to turn out You know so that's kind of the look I'm looking for with the substrates very simple very flat I want the focus to be on the fish and the wood structure With using a light substrate that's also going to reflect a lot of light And make the fish look a little bit better, especially the type. I'm getting but now we're at a time the plants are arriving at the airport about twenty minutes takes you 25 minutes to get there, so Let's go get them Plants are here Alright. I'll show you what I got. So the first one is called Spiky Moss. Now. This is like A Fancy Java Moss, basically But it's going to grow a little bit lower and kind of hug the branches a little bit better I've got 40 portions of this, but we're going to be able to cover a lot of that wood and in these portions There's a considerable amount here. I Also, got some Vallisneria now This is five portions. I've got 30 portions of this however each portion Has about 10 or 12 individual plants, so in total we have about 350 plants, so we'll be able to cover that root that back area really nicely We're going to get a almost a finished effect right away with that set It's also about 10 or 12 inches long so once it's planted in the tank It's also going to look pretty good but it still has a ways to grow but we're going to plant in a minute because now we got to move on to the Hard scape however, it is getting late, so I don't know how much I'm going to be able to get done tonight I hope I'm able to get all of it Plants are here alright. I'll show you what I got So the first one is called Spiky Moss. Now. This is like a Fancy Java Moss, basically But it's going to grow a little bit lower and kind of hug the branches a little bit better I've got 40 portions of this so we're going to be able to cover a lot of that wood and in these portions There's a considerable amount here I Also, got some vallisneria now. This is five portions. I've got 30 portions of this however each portion Has about ten or twelve individual plants, so in total we have about 350 plants, so we'll be able to cover that route that back area really nicely We're going to get a almost a finished effect right away with that said it's also about ten or twelve inches long So once it's planted in the tank. It's also going to look pretty good, but it still has a ways to grow But we're going to plant in a minute because now we got to move on to the hardscape however It is getting late, so I don't know how much I'm going to be able to get done tonight I hope I'm able to get all of it so there's a ton of wood here and I got to keep telling myself that less is more I always try to add in all of my supplies because I don't like to waste things however Having extra. Just means better selection, so wish me luck. I really only have a couple of shots at this I feel like it's getting late. I've got to get this planted It's already got the substrate in I don't want to mess it up too much, so one thing I do want to note is at the back all of that Vallisneria is going to cover the entire area in the back I want the wood to look like it is you know fell down and it's coming out of that bow so I'll put some of the bases into the Vowel a little bit, but not a whole lot, and then I want it to kind of trail off into the Tank and I need to use all relatively big pieces with large branches just so I can easily attach that moss to it, so Let's see what happens really nice pieces though Call it done. You know these put diseases What are so nice that? It's only going to take a few to really really make this pop And I do want the fish to be able to swim above it. So I don't want it piled up too high Let's see what happens no, I think I'm going to push the wall the logs and the branches Back some more. I'm not gonna use this piece at all. I don't like it Looks better in a smaller tank yeah, I want these up here more And even something like that a that by itself doesn't look so bad There to look like a reptile queer. Hell, I think I'm going to stay away from a lot of the pieces that have big curves in them like this and Try to use branches that are all kind of similar like these are curvy, but they don't go in an entire loop so this one's out of the question, too I Also kind of want them to be like same color and whatnot so they match well I like that All right, so this is kind of exactly what I was looking to do If we could look in the back what I was cutting was making sure the back wasn't You know going into the valve too much I do want to kind of to have the appearance with all those big sheets coming out From it, and I think it captivated that you know it's always difficult to give a proper perspective on camera, but I really like it I'm not sure if this is you know the proper way to scape or maybe the wood should have been positioned a little bit differently But you know I really like it It's going to be really fun to scape the ones that grows in and I see hundreds of rainbow fish swimming throughout this you know Clearly I still need to Stock it and you know when you think about it when there's 200 fish in here They are going to need some space so we had to keep it really simple I also want this tank to be next to no maintenance Yeah, I think we can put a little bit of water in here now and start planting oh Last night went pretty late. It's the next day tons of energy time to actually plant the tank I'm not really looking forward to this because there's about 400 individual plants that We need to install into the aquarium however I think that this is going to give us a really good Impact right away instead of needing to wait a tremendous amount of time for the plants to grow so I'm pretty excited about that we're going to start off with the moss and Attaching them to the wood with some sewing thread just tying it on the branches This is why I wanted this wood because it's really easy to tie the moss on the portions are Actually quite large and like I said I've got about 40 of these and this is going to cover a tremendous amount of wood Downside is going to take a tremendous amount of time First I'll have to moisten the wood. I'm just going to wet it down a little bit so the Ma sticks to it a little easier as I'm Continuously escaping and just to make sure that none of it dries out because this will be taking a while every once in a while Give it a little squirt of some water one for you and one for me We're just going to go ahead and get all the branches slightly dampened again This is just going to allow the moss to kind of stick to it as we're scaping but as I'm doing this I'll also notice some things I might want to change about the positioning of the wood and Whatnot but right now all? I'm kind of looking for is for it to look kind of like one large piece and so far You know I think it does. I think it looks really good in fact. I'm quite surprised and pleased of how all this turned out With that said I should admit that like You know I noticed a lot of people compared their skates and and what they do to everybody else. Oh I'll admit that you know while I can appreciate what other people do when it comes to my own aquariums I largely don't care what anybody else is doing because at the end of the day. This is my aquarium I'm the one that has to enjoy it and I got to make it visually pleasing to myself but there's a bit of a Catch-22 you see there's also a lot of people that watch my videos and Draw from you know inspiration, so for me it benefits me in two ways one I get to make some really simple escapes That I enjoy and are easy to make but you guys can also emulate them if you'd like to you know And that's the entire point of this scape is to use some some plants that are commonly available use a really low maintenance scape and So forth that you guys can actually do maybe you want to do something a little bit more intricate Maybe a little bit more complicated, but again. This is a three hundred and Seventy-five gallon aquarium You know this is a lot more difficult escapes that say like a thirty or forty gallon tank where you use a lot smaller supplies and Whatnot but I don't know I'm Pleased with it. I'd love to know what you guys think as always so it would've did something different especially I'm always open to those types of ideas. I will say that. I believe that I'm going to be adding some Rocks to this scape. I think that's like one of the things that is kind of missing And I'll probably do that here eventually maybe I'll have this done The rocks in I'll probably have to add the rocks in in a few days once I go Find the ones I want to use, but just some rocks Over on the edges here. Maybe they come out a little bit Maybe a few over here or something like that something very simple now. I'm not going to make you guys watch this entire Planting this is going to take me a couple of hours, so I'll most likely have to skip a lot of this but I'm going to give you guys a basic idea and run-through of What I have planned here Great thing about this stuff. Is that you can break it up and you? Spread it out amongst a ton of branches here, but you can see what I'm going to do here. Go ahead and cover this branch as much as I can Spread this motto pretty well just like that and then that's when I take The sewing thread you don't have to take it off the spool, but what I like to do here is if you can Tie a little bit of a knot on one end, and I'm using some very thin black thread This is going to eventually dissolve in the aquarium But starting it off with a little bit of a knot, there's just going to ensure that It doesn't go anywhere Now the more thread you use technically the better Once we get water in this this moss is going to loosen up And it's going to want to Detach from the wood We need to give it an opportunity to you know really seat itself on this wood And I find that using as much much as you can is going to speed that process up so I like to ravel it up and You know each thread might be separated by maybe a half inch to an inch something like that but Again the more the better. It's very simple. It's just very time consuming once you get back to the other end we're not So that took about four hours and in the meantime I've just been keeping the moss wet with a little bit of water spraying it on all the moss is tied on with Almost an entire spool of thread I ended up using 36 of the portions I don't want to over do it and I think it looks really good now And I think you guys can get a much better idea of what I'm looking to accomplish here But I got to say in person this looks absolutely incredible, and I can't wait until we have over 200 Rainbow fish swimming through this tank. I hope you guys enjoy it. It's definitely Probably a little difficult for you guys to imagine what I was looking to accomplish here But we're well on our way to getting to where I want to be now of course all of this moss is going to grow In slowly over the next couple of months and all of that sewing thread that we use will slowly dissolve in the tank Leaving behind the moss attaching to the wood now of course we've got this big empty space in the back to plant all of that val So the next thing we need to do is plant the ballast area in the back and hopefully we have enough to cover the entire Back portion, I will be filling the tank up slightly just so that the val is Slightly standing up so I can get a better idea of distribution Well the vallisneria is in as you can see One thing we should note here. Is that this is really going to fill in and of course grow to the top of the aquarium? However something else you'll notice is now that the tank is actually has some water in it And I've run into a couple of problems clearly. It's a little bit foggy right now but the the wood started to slightly Float not by a tremendous amount but enough to the point where I had to add in some rocks just to slightly weigh them down and these are positioned to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as purposeful and holding the wood down I'm not happy with the way the rocks look But I will be changing them once the the wood is fully sunk We should only take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It's you know when it comes to Manzanita It's not a would but you know floats for a very long time. It's a pretty dense wood that doesn't have a lot of oxygen Trapped in it which causes wood to float, but I'm really happy with this tank Obviously, it's going to look a lot better once we get it the clarity fixed However right now. I think it looks really really good, and it's exactly what I was looking for again clearly This is going to look a lot different Once we get the water clear and everything up and running This is the second time I filled the tank and it's now Tuesday morning So I'm not going to have enough time to get this clear for you guys get everything up and running I'm going to spend the day doing that and on Thursday Hopefully if everything goes well, we'll circle back, and we'll take another look at this tank, but for right now I mean, it's it's difficult to judge how this is going to look long term of course once the tank clears up you'll get a much better idea and Once we're able to actually position the rocks and a more Favorable you know position of course is going to look a lot better as well Which is picture with me for a second over you know two hundred? Rainbow fish swimming through this you know I think this was a really really good scape to go with it's going to be extremely low maintenance I'm not worried about the moss taking over the wood I Want it to I want it to just go nuts and here? I don't care if this becomes a forest of Moss That's exactly what I want, and you know the valve a career that's only going to propagate so far It's not going to or I'm sorry. It's only going to send out runners. Which is that's how it propagates itself out How it duplicates is? you know each one of these plants is going to send out a runner and it continues to grow and this is only going to Probably get as far as these rocks where the barrier is perhaps a few will make it to the sand, but highly unlikely So I think that again this will be very low-maintenance based on what I'm looking to do with it However again, I'm just really excited about this skate really happy with the end result I'm really pleased with you know using a lot less wood than I had planned or that I had in there originally we only have maybe five or six big pieces Maybe one two three yeah five five or six pieces in there and I think it looks really good again though like things like this like these rocks here way down there little corners of the wood that's clearly got to go and Over here, you know weighing down a little bit bigger thicker pieces. That's got to go you know I'll probably Leave the rocks in there to a certain extent but I don't want them piled up on top of the wood like that I would rather have them Cascade down potentially You know be more natural-looking, but all of these plants actually came from Jeff at one fish two fish Dartmouth You guys have seen that store tour recently he's made me buying plants a lot easier to do he now has a website where you could just order the plants online and You can pick them up in the store, or he'll ship anywhere in Canada so if you guys are looking for plants that You know are coming from a trusted source good quality go ahead and check out his website link will be in the description below You can get the plants at exactly where I get mine from But yeah, as you can see my office area over to the right here I'm going to be able to see right through the tank and Ideally is what I'm going to aim for is the reason why this is less Wide-open space here is because this is where I'm going to feed the rainbows while they will enjoy the scape and swimming in through all the wood I'm Hoping that they're going to spend a lot of time in the open areas in order to can encourage that this is where I'll be feeding them and fish have a tendency to stick around places that they trust where they know food is going to So that's the plan and hopefully it works out well ultimately though. We've got 200 coming It's just going to look absolutely amazing And that's just the beginning Stalking for this tank mind you this is a three hundred and seventy five gallon tank with a hundred and twenty gallon sump This is the four hundred and ninety five gallon system lots of plant filtration water changes and a huge Capable sump we can truly. Go you know I'll go nuts with this with the stalking, but I got to admit you know. This is a pretty big tank I never really felt like it was a big tank Clearly because I've got a two thousand sitting over here, and I've always had really big fish but with that said you know you don't realize how big a tank is until you have to escape it properly and You know you start considering? Normal type of fish like average type fish that could go in the aquarium and you Realize like wow I can put a whole lot a little fish in the tank and now I Understand why you guys are always saying you know with my big tanks? oh You should do this and you know plant it or make it a reef or stock it with this type of fish like you guys You know I finally get what you mean But you know I've always been into the bigger fish and our we thought no big tanks or big fish but this is a big tank with little fish and I'm excited to see what it's going to look like and I'm sure many of You guys are as well and if you were and you're not subscribed to this channel yet I highly suggest you do because this coming Tuesday. I'm going to show it up and running everything on the go Arm stories is coming Thursday. It's already Tuesday, and then this Sunday. If everything goes to plan We're going to stock the tank

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