How to clip the Turkeys Wings



these turkeys keep getting out of the ring so we're going to have to clip their wings mr. brown let's water our plants this morning come on I'll let you do it just come over here that's okay we got the water over here buddy see there it is let me put this cap on it hey good morning Lily let's do this second stage of fall crop around here there there different voice but let's just make sure they stay that way just lightly push it okay buddy see slightly push it can you do that do it easy good job look this is one of his favorite things to do play with the feed hey mr. brown you gonna let me take that to the turkeys I figured that might be a task okay I gotta take it to turkeys okay why right okay all right sit down there you go all right here we go let's just go like this that's one way to do it buddy just take a run I figured you're only two once right and boy do I wish I could ride in a bucket every once in a while and be carried around you go reports them out okay putting their thing good boy there you go good there you go get some more good good yay good job buddy the kid loves playing some grain good thing you don't want to ride in this one that's always fun now to the chickens did y'all catch anything this morning why not we did catch a fish but it got away okay maybe next time had a real productive work day today most exciting thing that happened today at work was video two came out in our three-part series it's called chickens do most of my garden and three simple stages it's good got a ton of comments on there we're like almost 160 comments and that's one cool thing about it you got on there comment I will answer your question within a day or two so hope you join I'll leave a link in the description gotta make dinner mom's not feeling well with the weaning thing just real sensitive doing the best you can to recover so I'm going to make them a dinner this is her request and it looks awesome chicken parmesan pasta skillet from the cookie rookie calm and for my dinner it's going to be a little different tonight it's going to be a warm up to a diet I'm starting tomorrow I've been having a lot of inflammation lately we think it's due to my Lyme disease we've been talking to one of you guys actually helping us out a natural doctor we beautiful ones been on the phone for hours we think I'm a fast oxidizer so we're experimenting with a high-protein diet no dairy of course no grains that type of thing so tonight I'm warming up I'm gonna have a buffalo buffalo burger and with avocado lettuce and what else we got for me to throw in on top of that ham cheese what okay and carrots and currants carrots oh and just a avocado so the buffalo burger avocado and carrots hey Jenna we go get me a couple handfuls of basil yeah thanks buddy ha behind me get some basil so I'm going to get some got it here you go the chicken mill is done and looking delicious and the buffalo burger looking amazing with the avocado on top surrounded by lettuce and some colorful carrot this is hilarious the turkeys are out Lily is out chasing them trying to chase them back in barefoot and all what's just getting i1 back in okay mr. brown let's go help get those turkeys in you I'm going those shoes no let's go barefoot buddy I need you guys to come help me Obama and Michelle are out and all the t-birds okay guys let's go catch a Baumann Michelle okay here she is right there there they both are oh boy see that's why we got to keep them in see that one down there yeah it is isn't it yeah she's getting all up in our garden all right catch her catch again sir we guy in this you guys stay in there honey you'll be hurt she kind of looks like her Obama done jumped the fence but we're gonna catch him clip his wings so stops us hey man you're a pretty rooster hey you want to see him mr. Brown oh you want him around in a dump truck hey stay put big guy y'all moving soon you ready to be moved I'll do it on that roof Google address it we're hauling leather chess yeah all right what can y'all come help me catch the turkeys you guys go unplug the fence and heard the turkeys this way hey these turkeys getting out of every night around 6 o'clock it's like clockwork then jumping over that pin and we got to put an end to it so we're gonna have to clip their wings didn't really want to do this but gonna have to I'm gonna see if I can do it and then daylight so you guys can see the process if I can't really catch them really easy I might have to come back here at night when they're perched they obviously it's like the routine now you know you jump out and we heard you back in can you hold him for a little bit he's gonna uh he's not letting me set him down and I've got to crawl in there and get turkeys cuz this guy won't do it how they'll feel they'll film things what's the matter yeah it's a little concentrated right here because this is where they perch that's what you're smelling turkey squat okay I got one out where these guys are getting strong yeah Wow look at that said a wings yeah here these guys are strong and look at these beautiful feathers here is this bunch of turkey squat in there we're gonna move it forward because I'm just trudging all up in it no way it'd be cleaner be on this nice clean grass that won't be so nasty no they don't mind mr. Dayton these guys are huge oh thank those how can you guys miss feathers just saw what you can do with all those feathers like him is collecting them yeah they are beautiful you want to go to the house Gideon's feeling like he wants to go cut also go get you some cuddles yeah yeah we did it yay and you got a nice pile of feathers right here yeah you what can't you help us carry them to our room alright guys pick them up just put them in your shirt like just sized in looks like a victim of Obama Michelle right here classic why we want to keep you guys in boy this is looking room terrible nighttime snack think we'll keep these hey mr. brown I see you decided not to go in I see you decided to pick our green tomatoes instead hey thanks for picking the acorn squash Jonah go ahead and put it inside yeah pick it and then throw the plant in the chickens oh cool a double look at that hey mom I guess you decided to stay out a little bit well mr. Brown got sidetracked and so I said okay you'll take it we'll just pick some things I know you love especially on email I do this is like the absolute best time to be outside feel so good and I'm happy my milk is decreasing some so it's easier to move about hey what do you see coming down the road there's something flashing you like to see that he's look Thanks look the watermelon party mom you guys know what's up partying in the yard slamming some watermelon I don't like being without a note okay go for it how he's loving that

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