Reap show us what’s up with their backyard milk goats in the Arizona desert.



there you go Arizona alright here we go Grand Canyon State now it has to be perfect ice can you believe it you gots been to Arizona but under the dude I love the Hawaii shirt I love the Hawaii dress I love the Hawaiian t-shirt you guys are doing great and a good spirit I'm feeling pretty good look at this place we're getting there guys we're getting there fall cleaning is coming along okay you guys ready to have breakfast over here you guys and your kids want milk this is like it's really mild so it's not like regular goat's milk that you find yeah is it that time you in charge of milking this morning yeah you don't help the medicine go down okay good okay I see you're coming to do business you got your filing cabinet okay we always see the filing there you are Josh she's big this old happy huh oh yeah - jinx enough this morning know what motivates you to do this for the first time they got us do it they told us we'd go to Disneyland it we just kept doing it yeah it sounds like you and Ethan need to go on strike yes make a sign refuse the milk Disneyland or but okay despite not giving a retreat I see how you treat your workers kind of like your parents today we're gonna take you to Disneyland and then you're not feeling that poor note it's not do you guys know the basics of nothing squeezing the teat and stuff I don't have ma'am this backbone doesn't have as much grip but you could still get some out of it if you tried keep going keep going at that one there you go cows they kind of they kind of pull down a little bit and kind of kind of pinch it out but with goats because the teats are sure you really pinch the teat first and then do the rest of the squeezing so you're kind of blocking off the milk and then squeezing it out is it time is it time to go strain that that's it right into your jar technically you can drink that right now yeah and you know where this is weird like at the end of our milking cycle you know we're pretty low on milk right now normally we're producing you know at least a half gallon a day Didion yes how does it feel to have a garden and goats in your backyard do all your friends have gardens and farms in their backyard no what do they think of you I don't really honestly they probably just become cool because kind of like a Mary Poppins type of character yes okay you're the Mary Poppins in your good friend circle yes thank you oh he's serious he's broke out to Wilbur what are you gonna do that Wilbur Kevin we are gonna get some good oil Wow I'd say so you alternate these goats between these two pins yeah this this maneuver is a little bit more broken down yeah are you gonna are you going to strain that out you browsing for them now huh well they love you so this playground for you or for them so all the other goats are fat and don't like to move much doing it oh there she is now oh here you go does she go down the slide that's for you yeah oh that's for Kevin yeah Kevin this slide is for you Kevin what's this the pomelo tree oh I would have never guessed that it's like a sweet grapefruit it's really really good all right so we're gonna try to plant some Einhorn wheat cool so you guys know what iron core is and that's kind of like an ancient we it's supposed to be I don't really eat gluten but my family does and it's supposed to be an easier to digest yeah so I thought what the heck cool let's try to grow it because I'm all about experimenting tiny stuff you see this guy yeah this one's the active one if they break really easy then then you're in good shape and it's a real farmer right there sifting through the manure you're getting it your SEP you're getting the dry stuff you're keeping the dry stuff Kevin do your friends think you're nuts my friends I don't really have any friends come on good Kevin some somebody give Kevin a like here let's give Kevin some friends guys I play bad ran them off guys I played basketball with don't really know what he doesn't talk about it at basketball camp huh you go play b-ball yeah cool what do they like to talk about boring stuff like we're boo you don't even know what real life is they don't like to talk about sifting through your goat manure no to squeeze it to see if it's dry and ready for the gardener now that I like to talk about that straight-up say that dirt and manure together because she doesn't trust us there's been a couple of times when we left this open and the goats have gotten in now we know why Disneyland got taken away now we know why Disneyland the truth is coming out you're still paying for that aren't you Oh even eat that says yeah who knows how long how long have you guys been having a garden and goats I think we made it like 1 or 2 years after we got here around just like seven or eight years can you remember not having no no again I can't remember coming out here and not having a garden ok do you do do your friends have a garden I have like one or two friends who have garden but not really what do those two friends that do you have a garden have a goat they have like rabbit two things but not so what did they think about you in your gardening goat in your backyard they're always like wow you have goats and stuff I used to have goats but now I don't because I don't like them nice okay so you're all right they get you yeah what's your favorite thing about having gardening goats or just all the experience I get from it what kind of experience oh I just I get to say oh I have a garden and I hope coats and you think you'll have a garden and go when you pretty high chance that I will [Music] and all my research at which I've done none I think we just throw them in the dirt don't know from what I understand it's pretty easy to sprout so we're going to we're not gonna like stick our finger in and do holes we're just gonna kind of spread it across and this is your first time okay and then let's let's sprinkle it and then I'll kind of cover it with that dirt that I pulled back we're gonna see how it sprouts we're gonna just try it out here you can study and research all day you know you can just go out a little bit there you go a tiny little Hannah [Music] what about your friends duh now did they think you're crazy well my family definitely thought I was crazy because I was not raised with goats or chickens or anything but you know you find your little tribe wherever you live you find you your group of crazy bull which will meet tomorrow yeah the crazy people grown their food in the desert here yeah but there's something really fun about just doing it even despite the failures it's it's really enjoyable come on you're talking about failures but I'm looking around and seeing nothing but success beautiful garden yeah that's beautiful kids working working every morning to try to eat some of our plan come on now it's a glass half empty or half full come on no it's fun and we do have some we do have success too but I think it's like embracing not being afraid of familiar that's a big part of it [Music] Jahna blogging where's this vlog at this is wiedemann reap on youtube didn't l Wolford okay you guys want more of her check that out hey kids was it good to get your hands dirty again come on now was it good to get your hands dirty again okay good if you guys are interested in more do-it-yourself type of stuff with goats like what you need how to get it going where do you get the ghost that type of stuff we talked more with denilla about that and i put it in my member area I might do it yourself about its member area and right now you can try that for just a dollar you can try it for a week for a dollar I think we're on like 50 videos or something like that and then you can be done or you can continue on and opt-in monthly so check that out I'll leave the link to that down in the description tomorrow we're gonna explore this more we're gonna get more of the Nell story we're gonna talk about what you can do in the desert on one acre it's absolutely amazing this one acre farm in suburbia we're gonna tell that story we also got a meet-up it should be a lot of fun

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