The Rusted Garden Show EP 1: Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting Basics & Preventing 4 Major Mistakes

Welcome to The Rusted Garden Show EP 1. It is all about indoor vegetable seed starting basics. If you are just getting started, this video is for you. I cover the cells, trays, starting mixes and lighting. Plus I review the 4 biggest mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. There is a table of contents, so you can move through the video as you was wish. 
0:00 Start & Introduction 
0:51 Seed Starting Cells & Flats 
5:25 Seed Starting Mix (Making it & Preparation) 
6:20 Mistake 1: Starting Mix is too Dry 
7:10 Setting Up Seed Cells & Using Peat Pellets 
9:25 Mistake 2: Leggy Plants & Proper Lighting 
10:35 Skip the Small Cells & Grow in Larger Container 
11:50 Mistake 3: Too Much Fertilizer - Use less! 
14:25 Mistake 4: No Outdoor Soil - Stopping Insects & Diseases 
17:15 Video Introduction: Building a Composting Tube 
18:00 All the Details on Lighting - Kelvin & Lumens

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