Complete Guide to Seed Starting Chives, Oregano & Thyme: Watering, Fertilizing, Cinnamon

Use linked table of contents to quickly and easily find the information you want. I show you how to seed-start oregano, chives & thyme. I cover seed starting mix preparation, watering, fertilizing and using cinnamon to prevent diseases. Table of Contents:
 0:00 Seed Starting Oregano 
1:10 Preparing Seed Starting Mix & Seed Cells 
2:00 Planting Oregano Seeds - Over-Seeding 
4:20 When & How to Water Your Seed Starts 
9:10 Seed Starting Chives 
13:30 Using Cinnamon to Prevent Diseases 
16:00 Seed Starting Thyme 
20:28 Principles to Fertilizing Your Seed Starts 
21:08 Use Water Soluble Fertilizer - What It Is 
22:00 Chemical and Organic Fertilizer - Plants Don't Care 
24:10 How Much Fertilizer to Use on Seed Starts 
27:43 When to Fertilize Your Seed Starts

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