Tour 3 2019: TRG Homestead - New Planting Beds, Edible Landscaping, Shop Refund, Mushroom Forrest


This is a quick tour of The Rusted Garden Homestead. The downed trees have been cleaned up and turned into a Mushroom Forrest. I built and planted some raised beds and share my edible landscaping concept that will be the bases for my 2 acres. 17 or so peppers did not germinate and I am offering refunds or credit toward new purchases. Sorry for that. I appreciate you all greatly.

Please contact [email protected] and we will collect some information and take care of things. Here are the peppers that are up for refund or credit.

Beaver Dam

Chinese Giant


Diamond White

European Mix


Giant Aconcagua

Golden Cayenne


Large Red Cherry

Marconi Golden

Miniature Chocolate

Miniature Red

Miniature Yellow

Mushroom Red

Mushroom Yellow

Read Cheese

Yellow Cheese

Yellow Cherry

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