More Baby Goats Born On The Farm!


Our Nubian goat Moonbeam delivers her first kid! We are excited to add another beautiful goat to our herd.

joy she's in labor are you excited I just saw her have a contraction we're gonna have a baby today [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] man [Music] ready we're heading to the barn [Applause] make up [Applause] really glad nobody it's in the barn because I'm taking shut that door [Music] a gentleman [Applause] you just want the lemons so we are gonna sit and watch her for probably 20 minutes or so and just see what happens how are you feeling right now okay let's guess how many babies is movie I'm gonna have like I think just one as well I will be very surprised that there's two cuz she doesn't really even look pregnant but you and I have felt those babies our baby kick haven't we yeah it's pretty special she's just eating right through the contractions look at her back arch her tail was up she is just so funny she doesn't seem to notice that she's having these contractions what are you reading yeah you're about to push some babies out you're getting very close yep see the babies come mm-hmm just eating her way right through her contraction there were now then she'll pause and her chomping and then go right back to it okay this is how good usually head to the wall focus she likes that Joey she's so cute she wants everyone's support and affection right now is what she's kidding it is really really cold today yeah I feel like it's office winter feeling in here [Music] good woman she's getting close to pushing okay she's okay yeah we know this because it's your first time yeah a little bit how many babies do you think she's now huh this one like a shocker to you she's pushing all right come on in shut that door be real quiet [Music] oh good you got this mama here we go here comes the baby good job good job [Music] I only see one hoof again which is very concerning like with Raven so I'm probably gonna glove up and lube up and see what I can see if I need to intervene not presentation in my goose [Music] okay ready [Music] good job good job here's your baby here's your baby yeah that's your baby she did it with a little help yeah it was a little ad yet and pulled the hoof forward again it was like way back again I just up to like my mid arm come on this is your baby yes that's your baby mm-hmm had to go in again which second time it was the same exact problem as its Raven mm-hmm so we'll see if she bonds otherwise though put molasses on the baby and hopefully she'll get super interested [Music] do you think I'd like to be born first time yeah and I was talking to this moment and it's never done this is so funny them going back and forth like that babies sucking on her neck and she's looking the bucket why are you looking the bucket look your baby our baby had a baby you mean we got Moonbeam as a baby she's grown up on our farm and now she's had her first baby and it's a doling I can't believe that we have all dealings this year that's kind of nuts now see Lincoln er and getting to know where she's doing a good job you just missed it by like a couple seconds had to go get my main squeeze here my partner in all things farm we do a lot of farming together what do you think about the baby go there need to walk within a minute so we're the sweetest thing that's kind of a miracle [Music] for doing for doping Oh girls not that we would mind a boy but it's on a farm having girl babies is usually a huge blessing for a lot of reasons they're the more productive as far as milk goes animals and then also they're a lot easier to sell than boys as far as like milk animals go good touch it's a girl take a good look at her and think of a name today this is the month of May May May how about maple yeah it needs to nurse you're just trying to figure it out we could help a little the man okay it's time for our afterbirth care for the baby for the kid we will dip its cord and iodine give it some selenium keep an eye to make sure it nurses and will also watch for mom to drop her placenta and I'm pretty sure this is gonna be the only baby she doesn't have any showing any signs it's been an hour she's not really showing any signs that she didn't have another one see that beautiful baby she's trying to figure out how to nurse what do you think about baby goats do you like that we have baby goats porting on our farm do you think you'd be sad if we ever stopped eating girl find that teat she's so close she still hasn't gotten it in her mouth but she's getting closer and getting it you're so close you can do it come on yours Oh blows yes score that is really good she's nursing perfectly that is such a good sign when you see a baby nursing perfectly good job little one well guys I always feel like I can take a break after I see the baby's nursing baby's nursing so we'll just keep an eye on them and they'll stay in here for at least 24 hours if not longer just we'll see this has been the best day on the homestead we love days like this here we have wonderful babies born healthy mamas healthy babies oh yeah good job sweet girl good job mama he'll see you guys in the next video [Music]
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