Blade Attachment Ring $15.75 inc. GST (Totnes Valley Road, Totnes Valley, NSW)




The blade attachment ring is the connecting piece of metal between the scythe blade and its handle, the snath.

If you buy a snath from us, this blade attachment ring and the accompanying Allen key are included with the snath. However, more and more people like to make their own snaths, as they did in days gone by, in which case it is very useful to be able to buy the blade attachment ring separately.

Included are some photos of how the blade attachment ring attaches the blade to the snath.

Photo 1 shows the blade attachment ring slid past the notch at the bottom of the snath with the nub of the blade about to be fitted into the notch.

Photo 2 shows the blade attachment ring has been slid back down so it is now positioned over the tang of the blade.

Photo 3 shows how the blade is secured using the two little grub screws and the Allen key.

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