Official activity:Invite 10 friends register = a free online store for one year

Invite 10 friends register = a free online store for one year

Activity Time:
  • This free activity from Jun,1,2017-Jun,1,2018

What you can enjoy:
  • One  year free online store,you can sell and post your products in the online store.
  • Just like you open your own grocery near your local can upload your real grocery 

           Images and photo your all products  in your grocery,even,you can make a video of your grocery and      upload to to advocate your grocery to increase your income.

Which kind of users can get a free online store?
  • The  user must has a local grocery and the owner of the grocery.
  • you must have business number or certifications from your local government or local institution 
  • Grocery categories include :Bakery,Veggie,Fruit,Meat,Dairy,etc.
  • Company categories include: Meat Processors,food manufacturers,fish farms,etc.
  • Users must upload original,real pictures.

Really no any fee?
  • Totally no any fee,no  online grocery rent fee,no technical service fee.

 What kind of online grocery I can get?
  • Here are some store examples you can see.


How can I get a free online grocery?
  • If you can invited your  10  friends register 

 How many products I can sell on
  • You can sell products no more than 600 items

How many online grocery I can apply?
  • Only one.

 I have many local groceries ,If I wanna apply and open more than two online groceries ,how can I do?
  • Sorry,grocery owners only can have one online store.

One years passed away,my online store still free
  • It depends,if not free after one year,you can close your online store.

 How can I sell my products to China and some Arabic Muslim countries?
  • We have teams who are responsible for translation services.This is a paid service,you can contact us and collaborate with you to translate your online store to Mandarin,Arabic languages,Hindi,etc.

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If I invited 10 friends,but I not a grocery owner,can I still get a free online store?
You can get one year free account,but until you own a grocery or company to open it online,that mean you need real certifications to prove your identity.Thanks.
How can you identify I have invited 10 people.

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