About oneacreland.com:What we are doing now and what we are believe

What the kiwikiwifly.com is: 
kiwikiwifly website ( www.kiwikiwifly.com )  is a Q&A community and marketplace for global farmers. We are a nonprofit community. 
What we are doing now:
 A peaceful community and free marketplace for Global farmers.
 A database that farmers can write their own "wikipedia"
Online Time:
  Mar 2017 - Now

What we believe:

Follow God, Do the good thing  
  Those people who always say change the world, most are totally evil and naive, some companies yell out every day and say that "putting users in the first position", in fact, they just wanna kill the prudent heart of users and earn money via dirty business.

No harmful stuff for users 
Evil, racism, politics, and spam, etc. We cannot allow these in this website. we also cannot allow media news, fake Ads, spam Infos in front of user's eyes. So, No Evil, No Racism, No Politics, No Blablabla...

Not be the No.1, Not be the biggest one, Be the website by word of mouth. 
Code it, make it happen. Do it, make it better. 
Think independently, Work in a team,Live with love           
We work in a team, with the same faith, the same goal, extremely love into this thing, with staffs whose abilities are much higher than ourselves. But we also think independently. We live with people who really love us and willing to support us.

No barrier for business              
the shortest distance is not line, but coincides with each other.

Earning money is a good thing, but business is a meaningful thing.
The online Marketplace rules:
No platform fees
No item listing fees
No monthly fees
No store rental fees
100% free
No bank/cc required
No fake items and services
Escrow Transaction for buyers and sellers
Live chat with users freely
Deliver to your house, pay at your door
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