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 With a Love for Agriculture, Agribusiness, Organic Gardening, Seeds & Fertilizers & background in Agriculture education up to Post Grade level combined with my experience for working in these Industries for 25 years make my articles & blogs quality written for my clients especially for their website for the SEO friendly keywords.

My love & working for Agriculture Farming & Allied Industries gave me an opportunity to write on a wide & diversified range of topics, which allows me to write as Technical Writer, Web content creator, A Freelance writer & Research Writer being the part of these Research Methodologies & Field Practices at the different level.

I have acclimatized myself into a Precision Agriculture Writer with the multiple interrelated passions bridging together at one place to exhibit me best in all field of Agriculture Research, Farms, Agri Images, Precision Drones, Ag Drones, Drone Sprayers, UAV's, Drone Cameras, Smart Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Hydroponics, Pest Control, Organic Farming,Intensive Farming, Home Gardening & Grass Turf Management as Freelance Consultant & Writer for my Clients.

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