As an Aussie livestock farmer,how can you feed so many cattles and sheep?

As an Aussie livestock farmer,how can you feed so many cattles and sheep?if your sheep and cattle meet some diseases you never met,how can you figure it out?how can you find your wholesale buyers?How many sheep farmers have own meat processing factories? If I wanna buy a farm in Australia and New Zealand ,Do you have some suggestions on that?what are the basic essential requirements?
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          G'day and thank you Pernod for the invitation to comment.Please bear in mind the following are just the views of" one old sheep farmer".
The simple answer is that we have a national domesticated animal total of approx 150 million and only have to feed 23 million.The birth of the contient was quite different to the ones in the North.Most of it was born due to the lifting of the sea bed rather than volcanic action as it was in the North.Our mountain ranges are all in the wrong place and all our rivers excet one run into the sea via the shortest route.Much of the land West of the divide is lacking in natural fertility and the rainfall can be indifferent when it comes to farming,in many areas the farms are vast up to 1 million acres,but you need 1 sq mile to sustain just one cow.
           We are lucky that most of the really bad diseases never made to our shores and the ones we have are well described and remerdys have been devoloped,but in my own case our flock has never been routinely vaxinated and we have instead raised the levels of "natural immunity' to the common diseases than can attack our stock.
           The days are long gone in farming when you just produced a product and there were buyers waiting to pay the price you are asking.these days a smart farmer is aware of what the land can produce and the markets available and more "importantly" how much they will pay for it.In recent times large family enterprises and companies both local and multinational have "vertically intergrated systems inplace to supply both local and export markets.
           I fail to understand why you would want to leave your country of birth (except if you are living in a warzone) to risk it all by moving to another country far removed from your own to begin farming,for me it is much beter to devolop your farm in or near where you reside now  and work towards supplying your local markets with the best available product that can be produced.The main thing farming is not about how much money you make,its your love of just doing it for a living. 
           The thing I "would not do" is buy a farm in another country over the internet 

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