What is the biggest challenge facing civilization?Is it uncontrolled population growth or Global warming?

G'day , if you accept that the current world economic model( driven by Big Business and Multinationals)  is based on more and more consumers buying more and more "stuff" and if you believe that the former is adding to the latter ,what happens when all the worlds "finite resources" run out?....SMF.

G'day Vern and with respect I think you missed the point,the world is quite capable of producing enough food to fed the world ,but can the poorest country's "afford" to purchase it?It's a nice idea to have all the city folk growing a few herbs and the odd tomato on the balcony of their city flat ,but in real terms it will be of little value in the scheme of things........I read in another post that the "cure" to India's food problems is to relocate 300 million folks from the rural areas and amalgamate their farms into large units,did this not "fail" in the old USSR?By re-locating rural folks don't you just make more suburban peoples who require a frig,stove,electric kettle,car and a flat screen TV,this is what I meant of using up "finite resources".As an aside recently our small flat screen TV "died",when I spoke to the retailer about this he said"Samsung only make their TV's to last at most 5 years,so you are forced to purchase a new one."
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Interesting,population growth and global warming are not the biggest problem we are meeting today,the environment pollution is the biggest tough problem,at least in my opinion.
  •  Urban people ,even they don't own farms ,but they can grow veggies in their house to afford themselves,Nowdays,technique can address the problem,lots of methods,but how can make people work hard to plant the veggies when they accomplish  daily works
  • Consumers buy more and more "stuff" is a good stuff.why It's normal and can drive the productive,God made these.if we cannot drink and eat,there won't be  reasons of water and plants existing .
  • No worries about the "finite resources "run out,care about the quality of the food we produce,care about the pesticide we are using,organic crops are really crucial for us.and one more thing,when somebodys began hurt the crops and environment for economic benefits,we all do have the courage and actions to stop these behaviors.

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