How can sheep farmers in your country be more productive?

G'day,I am interested (as I am sure others are) in your experience as a sheep farmer,what are the challanges you face in both production and marketing?Have you defined who your market is?Remeber the most profitable market is the one in your town/city.What do you see as the type of help you need from govenment to help you succeed?SMF....
G'day, it seems the only way I can reply is by an edit.......We farmers down here in Aussie have had for many years now had products for sheep lice control which does not require the "wetting" of the sheep.We have two types now ,one is applied when the sheep are shorn and the other is what is refered to as a "long wool treatment"...Using a plastic gun type machine the chemical is applied to the sheeps back in a straight "un-broken" line from the head to the works on the lice by not allowing them to proceed to the next stage of life and they "fall off" and die without laying any eggs on the animal.This is a far more "efficient" way of dealing with the problem and causes much less stress to the sheep....How do you treat internal parasites?In winter is it necessary to shed the stock and feed them indoors in your area?when grazing your sheep on the graslands do you use "herding or guarding dogs" to control the movement of the stock?
When the Maasai graze their flocks is it on land they own or is it common owned rangeland?Africa has lots of preditors that will kill their sheep ,how do they proctect them?
Thank you both for your replies..SheepManFrank.
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    Mongolia here.
    Having one sheep would lots of fun,but hundreds of sheep are really tired.
   In summer,we must give these sheep medicine shower,yes,you got it,put them into a pool which is full of water with medicine,in order to kill parasites in their skin,the pool is built by cement,one side is higher and the other is lower.When sheep have shower,they will jump in from the higher side and get out from the lower side.
    In spring, we will help the sheep mother born sheep babies.And, teen sheep would be get some hurts. Cause,to keep better sheep generation .We must make operations on male teen sheep to get out their testis.It is the best time to cut wool in spring ,and sell old ones to markets.
In winter,we would take some actions to keep out wolfs and keep warm for the sheep. Now,only a few wolfs in grasslands,and we would prepare lots of grass to feed sheep, much more than you can imagine.
We use motors to herd sheep,it is convinent.But,we still herd one horse.

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In Tanzania ,most sheep are herded by Maasai,Every week ,there are special days for market trade,they will go to near town and sell them.Tanzania not has morden meat,when you travel in Tanzania,you will see lots of folks sell their mutton BBQ on the road side.

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