What is your greatest challenge as a farmer? What are the very tough issues that you think are annoying and hard to address?

We grow different crops and herd different livestock,and love that.But,love is one thing,life is another thing,In your own experiences ,What is your greatest challenge as a farmer? What are the very tough issues that you think are annoying and hard to address?Do you have some pains on crops revenue?Does it boring dailylife when you live a small town ?Or, every day meaningful?In winter,what are the other jobs you have?
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  • seed availability and weed pressures are our greatest challenges,and more ,pests.
  • When some crop seeds not work, you would find others,and make it again.
  • No revenue pressure on income
  • Nope,living with kids is lovely.
  • Teaching kids and accompany with them.


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G'day,IMO farming has always been a percarious way of making a living,as a farmer "you" take all of the risk,firstly there is the un-predictable weather,then there is what value will be placed on the product you offer,govt regulation on how to farm and what you can farm along with" soo" much paperwork related to how you farm,you must record every step of your production and it must be "kept up to date" because an official can land on your doorstep at any time and request to se your records.
In the future Climate Change will be our greatest challange in producing food,if as predicted sea levels rise flooding all of the major river deltas reducing production in many of the poorer countries,while in others the drying effect will also reduce production.Farmers will in the future not be able to keep "pouring" chemicals onto the land ,because these methods are killing the soils and its a healthy soil which provides the healthest food.Weeds are natures way of covering the soil to proctect it from harm from excessive wind and water and she has provided fungi and insects to control their growth if we do not kill them all off with chemical sprays.
Its winter now in the Southern Hemi and for us its controlling non Native weeds,fixing fences and keeping the soon to be born lambs safe from foxes and the like....SMF 


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Did you experience rainy days constantly in harvest reason?It is really hard to address.

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