when to grow artichoke? June is ok?

Is it ok to grow artichoke in June?
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You could divide and replant the suckers in winter. Give them a good 'blanket' of straw or old sacking to protect them if you get frosts. If the shed wall is metal try hanging hessian sacks behind your plants. Alternatively use brush panels. The radiated heat off a metal wall cladding is intense even on a medium day.

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Artichokes have a definite preference for a long, frost-free season with damp weather.
They cannot handle heavy frost or snow, and in areas where the temperature goes below freezing they need special care and mulching. Artichokes grow best in the four central California counties and on the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. In the North, artichokes must be grown in a protected location — the temperature should not be over 70°F by day, or under 55°F at night. Plant them on the average date of last frost for your area. 

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