How to propagate the best qualities of sheep to next generation?

I wanna raise some Dorset sheep to get meat for my family and sheep milk,can Dorset sheep product high quality sheep milk.
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G'day,this is an interesting question and the answers have been examined by academics for years and years.
But before you even begin the selection process ,ask yourself,"Is the breed I have the right one for my farm"? If yours is a meat bred ,how close is your market ? Is the feed available the type "best suited" to your type of sheep? What are the preditors in your area which will attack your stock?
Having established that you have the right breed ,what are the things you "need" to improve to get the best finanicial outcome? The way you manage your flock has an impact on the health and productivity of the stock,in temperate areas you can raise sheep without the need for expensive inputs of feed or improvements to the land by way of chemicials,fertilizers etc.Maintaining as wide a "genetic" base is a good start,only selecting replacements from the top 10% for males and the top 25% of females in the areas you wish to address will bring you closer to your goals the quickest and do not select more than a few items to focus on as the wider the number of goals the slower is the progress towards the final outcome.A friend once gave me some valable advice on the introduction of "high performance genetics",He said "You wont get the desired outcome from the stock ,feeding them "sticks and stones",in other words ,to get the desired result from the infusion you will need to provide expensive feed imputs to the stock and the returns may not cover these extra costs over the long run...SHF.

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