How many seafood exhibitions in China ?

This year,my boss wanna have introduce our lobster into China.To engage with some more importers,we tried Google ,but I heard that Chinese Gov blocked Google in China ,so ,do you guys have some other websites to get more Chinese buyers ?
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China Fisheries & Seafood Expo
Location:Qingdao city,Shandong province,China.

Talley - Coffee import

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You can go to its official website.
China seafood importers alway use to find marine aquaculture companies,and folks buy fresh seafood alway in supermarket or vegetable market.Because they need fresh ,alive fish.Additionly,the vegetable market is near their community,so that they can buy seafood convinently after daily work.I am living in Shanghai, couples of years passed and tried some shopping website, and,they just like the and eBay in USA .But the seafood quality is too terriable ,cannot compared to electronic stuffs.So ,you can build a mandarin language official website or find some agencies .

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