What do you think the aquaculture technician should do, how much salary, and how much bonus ?

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   As a fishery technician, first of all, the cultivation process of their own breed must understand, including water quality regulation, sediment regulation, the understanding of breeding varieties, this is the most basic. Second, management ability, the management of the culture rhythm, the management of workers, the management of the breeding objectives. Breeding rhythm, no other than the combination of local weather, their own breed, planning a good process; The management of workers is a clear understanding of the needs of the farming process, how to improve per capita efficiency, how to let their ideas to effectively implement the workers. The management of the target is to combine the situation of our farms, infrastructure, set feasible capacity planning, reduce the expectations of the boss, rational and rational treatment of the target. Third, understand the farm pipeline ah, into the drainage ah, power facilities ah, and can with the increase in the cultivation time, can improve and improve the cultivation of the basis of the construction of cognition. In the course of the whole farming process, where you want to spend money, where you want to make money, you know, as a technician, you can help your boss save money and make more money to achieve self - worth.  
At present, if the recruitment of technical personnel is generally covered with food, basic salary + Commission, but I think, only to strengthen the Commission, weakening the base salary is better. If the technician is relatively high in the basic salary requirements, they can basically give up. A high Commission can attract people who are really strong, and he will do your things in your own business. 

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