Drying a Ewe off???

Hi all,

We have a ewe that had 1 lamb born approx 5 weeks ago. One side of her bag produced a massive amount of milk and her teet was too big for the lamb to suck. He’s fed well off the normal side but my dad insisted on milking the other side daily drawing upwards of 1200ml of milk off which has gone towards feeding the pets. 

HOW DO WE DRY THIS SIDE UP WITHOUT THE BAG GOING BAD, if at all it will go bad??? My dad wants to send her to slaughter when the lambs fully weaned but I’d prefer to give her a chance.

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Infuse a dry cow tube into the big teat and forget about it. Be sure to mark her for culling at th3 same time though, if you haven’t already, or you’ll likely have the same trouble next year. Likewise any daughters, as big teats are highly heritable (& therefore easily culled out) IME.
At 5 weeks old even the smallest of lambs would be able to get milk off it? I’ve never had to strip more than 3 days before the lambs have learnt to suck big teats? I take it she must still be in with you if your milking her now?


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And if teat is too big next year for either of the twins??

Cull. Plenty of ewes about with a sound udder, why carry a problem in your flock.

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