What is the real life of the ranch in your country?

 How much and how to pay for hay in your country?
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My dad was born in 1918 on a farm an worked on a farm most his life up to about the age of 24. He moved to the city and worked in some factories, got married save some money, and put some money down on a fast food joint. He said he made a lot more money at the fast food joint and he would ever have made working on a farm. Myself I was raised in a fast food joint most my life. But he talked about the farm and used to farm with horses. Looks to me farming is a day-to-day year-to-year hardly get by operation , have to spend millions of dollars to do it. So it must be a labor of love.

Farmer Gyles

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Where I farm in sweden, we're experience the worst drougt ever recorded. We have about 1200 tons of 2400 needed and there is no more grass to cut and no chanses for a regrowth any more. Problem is that the slaughterhouse's are full and won't accept any more animals. Not helping is the nation wide fire ban that are drastically reduced the amount of beef consumed. (You are not allowed to use your barbeques) To make things almost comical worse is the 240$ cost per cattle to have them sent to inciniration. Witch you are obliged to do if you dont have enough feed to feed your or ifcattle and slaughterhouse's wont take them. Still its the best job in the world and if we help each other as farmers we will always pull through in the end. Its inspering to watch and makes me even more determined to overcome this drought without loosing the herd. I think its to important off a capital to sacrifice. Like you said, money in the bank is too easely spent. But cows keep people feed and provides labor and saliries to more people than my self.


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My father grew up on a cattle farm in Tennessee and he always said " Farmers are land rich and cash poor" I suspect its the same for ranchers. I spent the summer of my 14th year working on my uncles Kentucky farm, he raised some beef and grew tobacco. I have never worked so hard in my entire 58 years as I did that summer. Its easy to criticize or make a callus comment

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