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Our site address:



(if your country block dapphub and domain, you can use beaker browser to browser these two site address )


Dapphub official donation paypal address

bitcoin address: 1HMLAUCNEuH8W8fhvNcvzwEGdvEG6TPZPT

 dapphub.hashbase.io  is a online app database for global users, any one in the world can get the info freely and without middle men.We support dat protocol, so that anyone cannot block you by using firewall if you use beaker browser.  It's a free  database. This site online on Aug 4, 2019, and still continue to  keep its free functions. 


 If you wanna join this unprofit project, you  guys can donate some money to this project, or you can share some server resources to us.


if you donation over 5$ ,please leave your email address, you name  would be in the donation lists and get the latest info of the new website version
1. go to github and download the beaker browser.


2. install and open beaker browser , copy and paste  these two address in your browser

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