Is it true that standard practice for wheat farmers is to first kill the wheat with Monsanto Roundup and then harvest it?

In this article, the author claims that gluten may not be the only cause of wheat allergies. It could be the practice of killing the wheat with Roundup in order to make it easier to harvest. Is this really a standard practice?
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You don't have to kill wheat before harvest.  For one thing, it's already dead or nearly dead.  That's why wheat stalks are yellow.  Wheat naturally dies on its own after it produces the wheat grains.   So Roundup is not even remotely required to harvest wheat.

After harvest the entire field will be covered in snow and everything will be either dead or dormant.  Roundup doesn't work on weed seeds, only weed plants, so killing weeds in the fall doesn't make any sense to me, and it sounds like a waste of money.  And one thing I know about farmers is that they HATE to waste money.

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