What needs to be done to make agriculture profitable for more farmers in India?

What needs to be done to make agriculture profitable for more farmers in India?
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Assuming that a farmer needs an earnings of Rs.7L per year ($1000/month) to make the farming worthy.
The average yield for good paddy fields in India is about 2000 kg (1500 kg of rice).
The farmer gets a max of Rs.20/kg for a high grade rice (about 40-50% of the end cost to the customer)
This means total revenue from an acre is about Rs. 30000 (1500 x 20).
The total cost of cultivation per acre is Rs.20K including cost of pesticide, worker salary and land rent.
This leaves a profit of Rs.10K/acre. Thus, to ensure a Rs.7L earning, a farmer has to have 70 acres at a minimum. For cash crops, vegetables or fruits, the profit is a little high, but also comes at a significant risk.

Thus, to make Indian agriculture profitable we need to:
Ensure consolidation of land holdings with a minimum of 50-100 acres of good fields per farmer. Anything below is unprofitable.
India has about 150 million acres of agricultural land, but a sufficient chunk of it is not irrigated. Even assuming all of them are good and fertile, we can support only 2-3 million farmers based on 1.
To ensure 2, we need to retrain a significant majority of current farmers move to industries and services. This means 200-300 million laborers need to be resettled in other sectors. A Herculean task.
Productivity gains can both increase yields and reduce cost of cultivation and it can reduce the number of acres needed to break-even.
Do further research to make cultivation of vegetables and fruits less risky and more profitable.
So, however you look at it, we need to find a way to get a massive number of current farmers move to other fields.

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