do the Australian farmers are the richest farmers in this world?what about farmers in England or USA?

do the Australian farmers are the richest farmers in this world?what about farmers in England or USA?what is your reality life,how much you can you can earn in one year commonly.
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G'day,profitability in Aussie is based on the profit from the production that is sold.Aussie has 3 main types of land tenure.
1. freehold
2. Leasehold.usually on a 99 year laese from the commonwealth.
3.Crown land.Most of which has been handed back to the first nations and who endevor to run agricultrual bussiness with varing degrees of success.
Land in itself is only valuable when you sell it,its the product it produces which detirmines it's value as profit.Much of the farmland in Europe and Gt .Britain is farmed by "tennent farmers who pay a fee to farm the owners land ".even with the EU's CAP most farmers don't  make even a "half decent profit"In the USA most of the land is held by the Federal govt and rented on an annual basis and the owners stock is grazed by ethnic herders over the summer months while crops are grown to feed the stock over winter.There is "NO' incentive to undertake improvementds to the rented lands as the improvements become the property of the govt after the 1 year lease has expired.Agriculture in the US has substainial subsitys on offer to encourage farmers to produce ,but they suffer severe comptetion from country's with lower COP....Sheepman Frank
IMO, agriculture is build on 3 pillars,Cost of production ,ability of the target market to pay and the quiality of the product produced.
The COP is the sum of 2 costs being fixed and variable,the farmer has the ability to change the varibale costs but not the fixed costs.
If the income of the target market is unable to pay the sum required to ensure a profit for the farmer "why bother".
There is little reson ito produce if the farmer cannot produce a pprioduct which will satisfy the target market for quality,its possible that the land or envirionment is "unsuitable" for the production of the product and so the farmer must consider a change to meet market expections..

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