The farmers in Western countries like England, Australia and the US are very rich, while our Indian farmer can't afford to feed himself. What ails our agricultural sector?

I was watching a program Tech 24 on France TV. A segment related to farming came up on it. Farmers there were using drones to map their fields to check out essential parameters. They were using GPS in tractors to check out areas where sowing was done. But what is that even after 65 years of independence our farmer lags behind though we call agriculture 'the backbone of our economy' ?
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G'day, sheep farming in France is similar to the USA,where flocks are taken to the high country grazing by shepards in summer while the home fields are used to grow crops in summer to feed stock over winter.In spite of huge subsitys in the EU and Britain farmers are struggling to "break even " due to inmports from low cost producing countries like Aussie /NZ.
   Could it be that some govts are more focused on becoming military powers than concentrating on feeding their own populations.Food production has been taken over by the multinationals and the gobal ecomony and it is up to govts to take back control of their ecomonys.Frank..

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