Is it safe to walk my dog in fields containing sheep?

 Is it safe to walk my dog in fields containing sheep?
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Dogs can only become infected if they swallow infected cysts found within carcasses or on
material contaminated by them such as uncooked sheep meat or offal. Extreme care
should be taken when walking dogs in areas where sheep and cattle graze so as not to
disturb or distress them, particularly during the lambing and calving season. In more
extensive hill and mountain grazing areas, which are popular with walkers, sheep
carcasses may not be detected or removed by the farmer but may be readily found by
dogs. Walkers in such areas should be particularly vigilant and keep their dogs under close
control at all times.
There may be a greater risk during the winter months as there is
higher mortality rate in sheep that may remain on the hills during this period. However,
most sheep deaths occur around the lambing season when carcases are likely to be found
near farm yards awaiting disposal

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